Player Scholarships

The Charleswood Hawks Junior Hockey Club provide bursaries to assist eligible players in furthering their post secondary education. The Bursary Committee recommends awards to the Hawks' Executives (Board) for at least one and/or possibly multiple candidates each year. However, the Committee and the Board are under no obligation to grant any awards in the event of an absence of suitable candidates. Notwithstanding that more than one candidate may be selected in a particular year, the minimum award will be $500 per successful applicant and the aggregate amount awarded to all candidates shall not normally exceed $5,000 of budgeted Hawks scholarship funds.

Application: Any Charleswood Hawks rostered player (minimum 20 games) who is entering, or in, post-secondary education may submit an application to the Bursary Committee for consideration. Applications are available at the Annual Hawks Awards Banquet in April, on the website, or directly from the Bursary Committee. Receipt of applications by the Hawks Bursary Committee is due before June 15th.

Definition of Post-Secondary Education: The bursaries will assist an individual pursuing education past the high school level. This includes any accredited College, Community College, or University education.

Notification: Successful bursary recipients will be notified in writing at the address included on their bursary application or by email once the applications have been reviewed and the recommendations of the Bursary Committee have been voted on by the Hawks Executives, in late June. Upon receipt of notification, it will be the responsibility of the student to formally accept the bursary awarded, and confirm the educational institution being attended.

Payment of Bursaries: Bursaries from the Charleswood Hawks will be sent to the student at the address provided on their application and will normally be made payable to the educational institution, and not to the award recipient. The student shall then remit the payment along with their student number to their University or College to ensure proper crediting of that amount to their student fees account. If fees have already been paid for the year in full, then the student can submit proof of registration and payment, and the cheque will be made payable directly to the student, so the money can be used for books or other school needs. Individuals have a period of two years from the time of granting of the award to enroll in college or university. In the event the recipient fails to do so, the bursary will be forfeited. The Committee may at their discretion consider extraneous circumstances in extending this time period.

Bursary Committee: The Hawks Bursary Committee will be comprised of no less than three individuals, at least two of whom shall be present or retired Hawks players or Board members. In the event that any Committee member is related to an applicant, that Committee member will be ineligible to serve and vote on the Committee, unless the applicant withdraws the application. It is desirable that no individual accept appointment to the Committee if that appointee has a relative eligible to apply for bursary funding.


  • A Hawk rostered player with minimum 20 games played in the current season.
  • Intent to attend a post high school institution of learning, whether College, Community College or University, followed by ultimate acceptance and attendance of classes.
  • The applicant should have been a player exhibiting sound hockey skills, team play, leadership, and good conduct while associated with the Hawks hockey program, both on and off the ice.
  • In so far as determinable, the applicant should be of good character, and in that respect would be wise to submit references (e.g. from their community, school, church etc.)
  • The applicant should have maintained acceptable passing grades at a level commensurate with their ability, and scholastic achievement at high school sufficient to gain admission to University, College, or Community College.
  • The applicant’s community involvement will also be considered (e.g. coaching of younger players, employment, demonstration of leadership in volunteering in the community, etc.)
  • The applicant’s number of years playing for the Hawks program may be taken into consideration (i.e. more years with the Hawks may be considered more favourably.)
  • The applicant’s financial hardship may be considered by the Bursary Committee. For example, if two applicants were very close in all respects, and one would have greater difficulty in furthering his education without assistance, the Committee may in its wisdom take that financial hardship into consideration.

Approval: The recommendations of the Hawks Bursary Committee will be submitted to the Board of the Charleswood Hawks for approval.

Funding: Funding of Hawks bursaries is made possible from the success of fundraising ventures including the Charleswood Hawks Alumni golf tournament.

Revised September 2023